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When summer comes around, people start flocking outside to let the sun tan their skin as they drift lazily on the water with a fishing pole in their hands. If you have a kayak that you have been meaning to take out be sure to do so this summer and catch a couple of fish for yourself. Dining in a five-star restaurant with the formal ambiance though could be a great experience, nothing truly beats hunting for your own food and cooking it over a low fire that you ignite on your own. The food will surely get your mouth watering and nothing really beats eating while lounging amidst the natural beauty that the world has to offer. One of the most popular fish that people aim for is bass that tends to come in various kinds. If you too are a fan and want to know how to get hold of it for yourself here are some bass fishing lures that you can use.


This kind of fish lure is especially useful in the colder days when bass prefers to simply go for easy prey rather than going all the way to hunt one down. As jerkbait aims to imitate a dying fish, this makes for an appealing option for them, effectively luring them in. Though this is not the fastest method exactly, it is one that will have you catching fishing year-round. Once a bass falls into the trap you can start the process of slowly reeling it towards you with a few wiggles here and there.


One of the most redeeming qualities of the jig that makes it top the list for the best bass fishing lures is that it can be used in a variety of different conditions. There is not much of a limit, as to whether the water is shallow or extremely deep, whether it is dotted with grass and rocks or just happens to be crystal clear, jigs will get you sizeable bass. No matter what point of the year you go out to catch yourself some fish, this is not a lure you want to leave behind as it can cover a whole body of water, making it a worthy asset for fishermen. One of the most popular jigs is the arkie jig that will make sure that you have a satisfying fishing trip.


You can get a very large selection of crankbait as you can find them in all kinds of sizes, colors, and shapes. If you are fishing in a lake that has plenty of grass limiting you, you should utilize this, as it will effectively lure in a lot of bass fish. Though you might have to switch up the kinds of crankbait you use depending on the season for it to draw in more bass, it can cover an impressive body of water. For that, you should do some reading up on what kind should be used in which conditions for the best results possible.

Plastic Worms:

Plastic worms are also known as finesse worms. They look and even taste so much like their real versions that the bass instantly falls for the trap and gets lured in. The best part is they are very easy to rig and produce effective results. They may not be very gaudy but they certainly are very light and will even reach all the way into areas dotted with weeds. That gives them more of a reach. When it comes to fishing for bass Texas rig is known to be pretty popular though you can get it in a sizeable range. You can choose whatever kind you want depending on the conditions present.

It may not be easy to catch bass without having the perfect kinds of lures for the variations that you will find where you opt to fish. This is why you need to be pretty careful about what you select. All of these lures are bound to get you some sizeable catches worth showing off and feasting on. Considering they can be used around the year it will be one less worry off your shoulders.

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